We are changing how the world

Our vision is to provide a social lending platform that will be the catalyst for fair loans across the globe.


We exist to facilitate affordable loans for individuals

We provide a platform for "fair" lending between borrowers and their social circles.

Our lenders receive competitive interest on the funds they provide at a rate set by and mutually agreed with the borrower.

And our borrowers have access to funds, without the anxiety that can come from borrowing through high-interest schemes.


We are looking for strategic partners

Like our vision? If you have a community of users that would benefit from using a peer-to-peer lending model, we'd love to have a conversation. We're already talking to some Building Societies, Unions and Academic Institutions. We think our concept could transform how people finance home improvements, weddings and emergency car repairs, but don't let us limit your imagination. Get in touch today if you think you could work with us.


See us in action at

We’re busy building a community of social lenders and borrowers. Visit our community-facing website, to see our peer-to-peer lending concept in colour.

Request API demo

Just Lend API’s give developers easy access to our social lending platform and the micro-services. Add social lending products to your website and apps with our SDKs.

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